About Me

I'm a photographer based in Rapid City, South Dakota, specializing in architectural and real estate photography.

Having grown up in this region, I've always felt a deep connection to its landscapes and vistas, which I now have the privilege to capture through my lens. I'm immensely grateful for the opportunity to showcase the natural beauty of our area both professionally and personally.

While my academic background initially led me towards medicine, with undergraduate studies at South Dakota Mines and nearly completing a Masters in Biology at the University of Nebraska Kearney, my passion for photography gradually took precedence. As my photography business flourished, I discovered a profound love for not just the art of capturing images, but also the fulfillment of running my own enterprise. It was then that I realized my true calling lay in photography, transforming it from a hobby into a fulfilling career, while medicine became an enriching hobby.

Cody Lere headshot